Royal LePage Shelter Foundation

Dated: July 29 2021

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Royal LePage Shelter Foundation

Have you heard about the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation?

The foundation is the largest public foundation in Canada dedicated exclusively to supporting women's shelters and ending domestic violence. It provides critical help for women and children fleeing domestic violence by supporting 200 women's shelters across the country, which offer safety, hope, and healing.

Since 1998, the foundation has raised more than $33 million with fundraising efforts and agents, Canada-wide, contributing a portion of their commissions to help thousands of women and children rebuild their lives after violence.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has added stress to the shelters (e.g., additional costs related to cleaning, need for social distancing, risk of women and children getting sick) plus, the increase in domestic violence that takes place during times of economic crisis with women being even more at risk because of the need to remain at home. The shelters offer much-needed support.

That's why we're so excited to announce a new initiative that will help us continue to raise funds to prevent domestic violence and break the cycle of abuse by supporting programs for children who have witnessed abuse and programs to help teens learn how to build and nurture healthy relationships— with your help!

For every illuminated listing sign that we put up, our REALTORS® will make a donation in support of a Local Women's Shelter.

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Royal LePage Shelter Foundation

Royal LePage Shelter FoundationHave you heard about the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation?The foundation is the largest public foundation in Canada dedicated exclusively to supporting women's shelters

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